140 km - Non Stop
From 13 till 22 February 2016



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pre-inscription-gbAfter the cancellation of the edition of 2015, the desire to continue being stronger than the desire to stop, we are going to leave on an edition in February, 2016 of Thai Ultra Race.
The same concept, same journey. We keep more or less the same dates (from 13 till 22 February 2016).
To do this, we open now pre-registrations until August 31st, 2015, without deposit of money.
We'll just take these pre-registrations until the number of participants (15) is sufficient to ensure the organization of this tourist-sports and humanitarian stay.
As soon as the number of participants will be reached, we shall make the real registrations and with a little luck it could be done perhaps even before the date of August 31, 2015. We shall ask you then to send us the complete registration form to validate your pre-registration.

Download the pre-registration form: pdf



Thaï Ultra Race: a journey

in the heart of Thailand

Thai Ultra Race will plunge you into forests rich in vegetation of the North of the Thailand. It maxi trail non-stop of 140 km, it will make you discover the difficult paths of the tribes of these mountains, cross authentic villages of the tribes of the North of the region of Chiang Mai.

This "travel-sports" stay, will make you discover the culture Thai of the inhabitants of the North and their lifestyle. We conceived and articulate this stay around the race with guided tours and programmed, but also with one free day (or several, according to the chosen stay) so that each can discover this region according to its tastes and attractions. Too many things are to be seen in this short time, so to you the freedom to choose…

Thai Ultra Race will be a rather technical race with one made uneven about 6000 m in positive and of 4000 m in negative. The exact made uneven will be communicated before the start of the race, after the last check of the track in Thailand. The track will be more or less wide and uneven on 3 mountains on the West of Chiang Mai.
foret1foret2The dense forest will accompany you on the start of these mountains to clear up with the panoramic of the summits. You will have 48h00 to make 140 km of the race. The race will be in semi self-sufficiency. Complete provisionings will be proposed to you approximately every 40 km, more intermediate points with water.

Thai Ultra Race also aims to be in humanitarian purpose. Since 5 years, with the French Ultra Festival, we work with the French association "Orchidée Familles" which works at the orphanages of state and "The Refuge" in Thailand. "The Refuge" takes in very young orphan or abandoned Thais, to see other in ill-treatments, placed by social services. They stay until their majority there and receive a school education and a life in family. This is a crucial period of their life, not to dive into the drug and/or the prostitution. But all these years in the orphanage have a cost which only the orphanage cannot support because the helps of the government are more and more low. With Thai Ultra Race, the association "42,195 et Plus" is going to continue to support the children deprived of Thailand by putting back approximately 5 % of the amount of every registration.

logo-ministere1As we wished that the Thai Ultra Race has an official race, as much for the event as for the humanitarian aid, we had the approval and the support of the Ministry of the Social Development and the Office of the Human Security via our meeting with Madam Mayuree Yoktree (Leader of the Province of Chiang Mai). She specified us her enthusiasm on this race and humanitarian initiative.

b-gerardWe hope that this project can attract you and that a lot of runners and runners will come to live with us this fabulous travel in the heart of Thailand.

Gérard CAIN
Organizer of the Thaï Ultra Race.
President of the association 42,195 et plus.

We apologize for the quality of the English translation. If you have some problems of comprehension, do not hesitate to contact us, thank you.



Orchidée Familles and "Le Refuge"
img1How to help and to donate?
0-filet-342Since 15 years, Orchidée Familles helps in the orphanage "the Refuge".
The Refuge welcomes about fifteen girls of the public orphanage. Living in a family, they enjoy an atmosphere and a quality of life... More...

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Chiang Mai, « Rose of the North ».

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